From house ads to client placements, taking on a brand's unique voice is a pleasure. After discovering the client's needs, I work within the brand to get their message to the target market. I can create assets for print, Web and social as needed.

Logos & Flyers

Organizing information for client consumption and adding flare where we can brings us closer to our audience and our clients. I am happy to create original logos for new brands or incorporate existing themes into flyers for events, rates or whatever people need to see.


I have worked on print publications of all kinds; coupon books, dining and housing guides, newspapers and magazines. From leading teams of designers to reworking pages on deadline, I am able to put publications together in multiple applications.

More publications

From leading a student team to putting books together alone, I worked heavily on all of the following publications:

Housing Guides:


Best-of guides:


Media Kits:



I shoot video with anything from a cell phone to in-studio equipment but find my comfort zone in a mid-grade prosumer arena. Most recently, I edit in Adobe Premiere. I have worked with Final Cut 7 and X, as well.


I act as several entities to speak in their branded voices on various social outlets. From upcoming events to promoting products, I believe that going where the audience lives is key to getting the word out. I work with clients to set goals and prepare content to help reach them.


From development to maintenance to blog posts, I am happy to help with websites at any level. My specialty has become WordPress sites lately, but my strongest skill is my ability to adapt to new environments. Themes change from one site to the next, but working within the client brand remains my priority.